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Quality meters sold at competitive prices. Delivery option available. Call or email us for your personalized quote.


  • Prepaid STS Meters
  • Prepaid Water Meters
  • Meter Cards
  • CARD ENCODING SOLUTIONS - Meter Card Encoders and Card Embosser solutions. The Embossers both PRINT and encode  swipe cards while the Encoders may be operated at the point of sale for remote card encoding

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About Us

Contour Technology is a wholly South African owned company.

Company structure

• Contour Technology
Contour Prepaid
Cyber E-Meter

XML Vend 2.1 compliant

Our Products & Services

• PC Based Vending
• Point Of Sale
• Hosted Solutions
• Outsourced managed solutions
• Owner Managed Solutions
• Card Encoding Solutions

• Single Phase Cyber E-Meter
• Split Cyber E-Meter
• Three Phase Cyber E-Meter

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