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Manage your own prepayment meters for your town houses, farm, buildings, etc. 

Visit or call us on 0877420459
Our customer Portal allows you access to view your meters, change details, add and delete meters, print reports, generate tokens, purchase token, etc.
Assistance from our Contact Centre is available 24 hours a day.

CyberVendIT is a service of Contour Technology. A proudly South African Company who designs and develops Revenue Management Systems. If you own or manage a unit or building and want control over purchasing and issuing of electricity tokens then this system is for you. When you purchase meters, you can assign it to a tenant, purchase token bundles and generate tokens for specific meters when needed. It also allows you the ability to monitor electricity purchases on all meters at your properties. Meters can be purchased directly from us at very competitive prices. Call or email us now and request for a quote!

CyberVendIT allows you the follows benefits:

  • Buy Meters and add them via customer portal
  • Change over existing meters to CyberVendIT
  • Manage account via customer portal via secure login
  • Assign meters to tenants
  • Purchase and receive token bundles in real-time, via online purchasing
  • No delays in waiting for clearance on payments for tokens purchased
  • Generate tokens when required and send to a tenant via SMS or email
  • Token expiry notification
  • Monitor electricity purchases per meter
  • Report generation via customer portal
  • Helpdesk assistance 24hrs a day, including weekends and public holidays.

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About Us

Contour Technology is a wholly South African owned company.

Company structure

• Contour Technology
Contour Prepaid
Cyber E-Meter

XML Vend 2.1 compliant

Our Products & Services

• PC Based Vending
• Point Of Sale
• Hosted Solutions
• Outsourced managed solutions
• Owner Managed Solutions
• Card Encoding Solutions

• Single Phase Cyber E-Meter
• Split Cyber E-Meter
• Three Phase Cyber E-Meter

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