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All Contour Technology products have been developed in South Africa by South Africans – a fact that empowers the company to create solutions best suited to developing countries’ requirements.

A full range of services is available from Contour Technology within the prepayment vending and revenue management industry. Such services extend from simple support and maintenance to operating and hosting of the complete prepayment revenue collection and management functions.

About Us

Contour Technology is a wholly South African owned company.

Company structure

• Contour Technology
Contour Prepaid
Cyber E-Meter

XML Vend 2.1 compliant

Our Products & Services

• PC Based Vending
• Point Of Sale
• Hosted Solutions
• Outsourced managed solutions
• Owner Managed Solutions
• Card Encoding Solutions

• Single Phase Cyber E-Meter
• Split Cyber E-Meter
• Three Phase Cyber E-Meter

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